In the fall of 1939, at 9 years old, Eleanor and her family left New York on the
SS Hamburg bound for Germany. A new job and a secure financial future awaited her
father in Berlin. Half-way across the Atlantic, Hitler declared war on Poland and
return to America became impossible.
This is the true story of Eleanor Ramrath Garner growing up as an American in
Nazi Germany during WWII. Adapted for the stage, her award-winning autobiography
details her youth struggling to maintain stability, hope, and identity in a world
of terror and contrasts. Her family faces hunger, Gestapo threats, carpet bombing,
the final fierce battle for Berlin, the Russian invasion and the terrors of
Soviet occupancy. The play will expose audiences to an entirely unique story
about the horrors of war and help them to understand that every casualty of war
is a person, not a number.




“An amazing theatrical experience that delivers a unique historical perspective!”

—Eric Marchese, Orange County Register

“Garner completely embodies the vulnerability of the child, the terror of Berlin

during the air raids, and also the joy of survival!”

—Ewart Shaw, The Advertiser (Adelaide)

“Such power and conviction does she bring to the role that one forgets entirely

that it is not her own story, that she is not Eleanor!”

—Samela Harris, The Barefoot Review (Adelaide)

“Garnerʼs remarkable abilities certainly do her grandmotherʼs story justice,

and itʼs a poignant show that will resonate with you for some time!”

—Jennifer Brown, RipItUp Magazine (Adelaide)

“Garnerʼs performance reached out to the audience and the powerful story is unforgettable! A must-see for history buffs and theatre-aficionados alike!”

—Prerna Ashok,

“A rare intimacy, superb storytelling and a truly important story to tell.”

—Paige Mulholland, Adelaide Theatre Guide

“A truly moving piece of theatre, and a different perspective on Nazi Germany

that again reminds us about the horrors and waste of war.”

—Taissa Ceric, The Clothesline (Adelaide)

“Garner captures emotion so skilfully and consequently, the audience feels

each sensation as if it were their own!”

—Yen-Nhi Nguyen, TREv (Adelaide)

“Itʼs powerful and riveting...step into Eleanorʼs world, you wonʼt regret it!”

—Sky Harrison, Aspire Magazine (Adelaide)

"Garner's performance is without fault. She moves through various roles and 

impressions that portray Eleanor's father, mother, older brother and Eleanor

her young grandmother effortlessly. She captures your attention during the

60 minutes and performs fluidly, keeping you engaged the whole time.

She's beguiling as a young nine year old, believable in her innocence as she

is when the horrors of war set in, and shakes her to the core".

- Weekend Notes - (Melbourne)


Sandgate Town Hall - Wednesday 11 October

Tenterfield School of Arts - Thursday 12 October

Harvey Recreation Centre - Friday 13 October

Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre - Saturday 14 October

Cummins Theatre - Sunday 15 October

Mt Compass War Memorial Hall - Wednesday 18 October

Tatiara Civic Centre Bordertown - Thursday 19 October

Lameroo Memorial Hall - Friday 20 October

Club Fleurieu Lameroo - Saturday 21 October

Streaky Bay Institute - Tuesday 24 October

Port Lincoln RSL - Wednesday 25 October

St Michael's Hall Clare Valley - Friday 27 October

Tintinara war Memorial Hall - Saturday 28 October