Last Cab To Darwin is based on the true story of Broken Hill taxi driver Max Bell who, in the early 1990s, was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. Max decides to end his life with dignity and take advantage of the Northern Territory’s voluntary euthanasia law. This law is in bitter dispute but, undeterred, Max sells up everything he owns, says goodbye to his beloved neighbour Polly, and drives the 3000 kilometres to Darwin.

We follow Max's journey up the dead heart of Australia where he encounters a host of bizarre and beautiful outback characters. His hopes of becoming the first person in history to take advantage of the 'Rights Of The Terminally Ill Act ' are crushed when the law is overturned by Federal Parliament. We then follow Max's desperate bid to return to Broken Hill to be with his beloved Polly.

"Reg Cribb's play is a big-hearted, sprawling, dry-humoured, unwieldy saga which splendidly evokes the landscape of knotted trees, furnace sunsets and the dual feeling of liberation and terror on the journey from Broken Hill to Darwin."—Sydney Morning Herald