Goldilocks Rocks

Goldilocks Rocks

An educational, interactive and fun show for Children aged 4-10 years 
by A. J Bailey

Goldi is the best!

She helps people in so many ways, walking her neighbour’s dog, collecting mail when they’re away- she evens waters their garden.

Goldi is always wary of strangers when she’s out and about – It’s good to be mindful of those around you and NEVER talk to strangers!

Like everyone else, Goldi likes a tidy town- she wants to keep Australia beautiful. It’s true what they say- Goldilocks Rocks!

Of course not everyone is pleased. The Big Bad Wolf is furious Goldi has become so popular so he’s planning all sorts of trouble – What a bully!

Touring Queensland – 2021


I had the pleasure of seeing the production of Ladies Night last night. I haven't laughed so hard in years. Congrats to all you talented people. This is the 5th Jally production I've seen & I've loved every one of them.

Donna Botten

Thoroughly enjoyed productions I have seen so far. Got to know some beautiful people, some wonderful actors and already excited about what I have heard is coming up. Brilliant that they are a touring company which gives decent exposure and employment.

Barry Stone

Thank you for your fantastic performance today at the Commercial Club in Albury! A great show, the children I took along had a blast, and thank you for staying in costume and character until every child had the chance to have a photo taken! Great work.

Joanna Macklan

Fantastic fun! Haven't laughed so much in ages... Can't wait for the next one!

Shelly Crane